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Learning to forage and feed yourself in readiness for any crisis.

Don't panic - Prepare.

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail"

With the world facing a pandemic crisis with the new coronavirus Covid 19, it has been and will continue to be a worrying time for lots of people.

Although has there actually ever been a better time to learn to forage, and to cook?

I am still taking bookings as I am in such a rural location. I only take parties of up to six at a time, so I am far from a mass gathering.

I am safe here out in the sticks and it's clear to say I don't have many neighbours at all, there’s no fear of really bumping into someone on a busy street that is carrying the virus.

The last few weeks with the virus scares have seen people clambering over each other to buy toilet paper, hand wash and sanitizers, and now food. This panic buying could inevitably lead to rationing.

Now there is a thought, life without luxuries?

This is perhaps where my foraging and food days could maybe come in to help you?

Not only will you learn to pick wild food safely but you can also learn to make wild food tasty, taking things like seaweeds other overlooked plants and fungi into something special.

My first guests over the weekend have been and gone, we had a lovely time except for some slightly rough weather.

I ended up serving around 11 courses in all, and as always my guests left very happily.

Above - Limpets and pickled seaweeds

Above - Slow cooked lamb shoulder and bio-dynamic rye grains, sorrel, ground elder and reduction of lamb juices.

Above - "Stack Rocks" - Gorse flower custard and birch bark meringue.

In the months to come, there will be a plethora of edible goods to learn about to collect and discuss. Some edibles are good for eating and also good for medicinal purposes. Immune system boosters can also be found in the later season along the shoreline, hedgerows and in the woodlands.

Above - Turkey tail fungi are great for the immune system.

Above - Pembrokeshire lobsters, the best in the world?

There is the main staple of the full foraging and food days out, but there are other skills you can learn from me. Herbal teas, oils, learning to gather and preserve things?

Other processes can be learned too.

If you want a more bespoke day suited to you and more of what you want to learn about and focus on then please just ask. If there's anything that you would like to focus on with any of my skills that can be passed on then don't hesitate to ask.

Maybe you want to learn the process I go through in the build-up to a foraging day, the preparation and the thought process?

Shellfish preparation and cooking, meat preparation and cooking, bread making, how to make stocks and sauces, fresh butter...An inside look so to speak. Work alongside me for a day or two, this would make a great gift for a budding young chef or a loved one?

The topical conversation on last weekends foraging days was of course sometimes about the virus. Have A lot of the places that have been affected have been places where air quality is bad?

The air is lovely and clear here in Pembrokeshire as well. Get out into the countryside.

Educate yourself, Get out and learn. Come and join me.

All we ask is that people are sensible and if you have been in contact with anyone with the virus then please don’t book in for the time being.

Stay posted and stay safe.

Contact me via -

Phone - 07308313107


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