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Foraging and Food


"There is no feeling like knowing what edibles surround you…"



Learning foraging skills brings you closer to your surroundings and closer to understanding the fragile Eco-systems that are all around us.



You are connecting with the instincts that our ancestors once used day in day out.



The rules are we only take what we need and we always pick sensibly and never from the root.



Prime ingredients picked by you and your guide, and the best of Welsh produce.



From the humble acorn and gorse flower to the very best mountain lamb and pot caught lobster.


The pristine wild mushrooms that litter our woodlands or the forgotten wild herbs that time and most people have forgotten.



There is so much we can take and learn from the land and of course in a sustainable way.


Of course some forgotten wild edibles no longer available but grown by myself will be brought to the table and some that have been preserved from the seasons before for leaner times.



I also prepare a multi-course dinner on the foraging day after we have gathered the goods on your foraging journey. This I believe brings my foraging day out to another level. Please click on the view more button above to find out more.



 Note* I only ever use produce from Wales & the areas I live & work in. 



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