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                  Fishing and Foraging Wales

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My name is Matt Powell. I am a chef, forager and saltwater bass lure angling guide.

Fishing and foraging Wales and Welsh bass guide were created to bring all of my passions together. Bass lure angling, hunting for wild edibles and food.

I was born in Wales, but I spent many years working outside my beloved country working in the best culinary establishments I could. I moved back to Wales to create something unique and something that was culturally important to Wales for now and for the future.

For my food creations, I only use produce from Wales. The biggest percentage comes from Pembrokeshire. The county I love, live and work in.

Fishing and foraging Wales & Welsh bass guide are simple concept's.

I want to bring the best experience that my skills and the Welsh coast can offer. An offering of the things I can share with other people, to try and express and put across a sense of feeling and of place.

Experience and a feel what anyone’s local area should yield to them and maybe what our ancestors may have felt in days past where the seasons and hunting and gathering were so important.

I want to share with you the places in Wales where you can really escape and leave behind the hardships of the fast-paced lives which most of us face in today’s modern, sometimes crazy and hectic world.

The places where you can truly get away from it all and reflect and relax…..

I am a fully qualified and insured bass angling guide.

I am the first and only qualified saltwater angling guide with Natural resources Wales and the wild fishing Wales guiding qualification scheme.

I have been fishing for bass on the Welsh coast since my late teens.

Again from the age of around 17, I worked in varied Michelin starred restaurants to glean my skills and to become the best chef I could be.

I learned a great deal about foraging for wild plants at a young age from being out in the countryside and from my grandparents.

The smell of the gorse flowers and the sound of the Skylarks take me back to the days I spent with them, and hark back to my younger days.


I hope my website here at Welsh bass guide will inspire you to one day come and join me on my wonderful journey.



"Everything we need surrounds us...Most People have forgotten that it is there, I look to the past to guide people to a better future."

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