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Fishing and Foraging Wales - The Restart July 2020 and beyond.

And so as Wales lockdown gradually eases and everyone hopes the virus is under control then it has been time for me to start up slowly again and adapt to some extra necessary precautions for keeping everyone safe whilst still enjoying the best of beautiful Pembrokeshire bounty.

The months of lockdown and the late start to my season make it a joy to be out and about again, wandering the leafy woodland paths and exploring the stunning coastal views that are round every corner in gorgeous Pembrokeshire. This place is deep rooted in me, and reminds me that whatever difficulties we face in the coming months, there are oasis of peace, calm and tranquility we can all find when needed.

Anyway let's not dwell on the doom and gloom of the past few months, we all have to look to the future in a more positive way.

To begin with, here is a video that was made by my friend Josh Carron.

This short video just gives a little insight into my typical foraging day out. Filmed last year, I've now relocated to a cabin nestled in the Pembrokeshire countryside which has enabled me to further refine the dining experience for guests, with alrefsco dining under the stars warmed by the glow from an open fire the latest addition. Josh worked really hard to put this little snippet together and I hope it gives you an insight into what I can offer, and serves as a nice reminder for those guests who return year on year to relax and improve their knowledge.

The Foraging and fine dining day 2020

For those of you that are interested in joining me, the menu for the foraging day for late summer into early autumn is as follows.

Bread and Butter with wild garlic preserved in its life cycle.

Cured and air-dried lamb

Limpets - Limpet mousse, pickled seaweeds, samphire and sea blite.

Slow-cooked duck egg yolk, penny bun, Chanterelle, last years dried penny bun sauce with birch sap.

Kelp and butter broth - Kelp emulsification, pepper dulse and scurvy grass.

Charred Pembrokeshire potato, sea buckthorn emulsification, samphire, sea blite, orache, nasturtium flower.

Lobster and the shoreline - Lobster with laver seaweed, sea aster, sea beet, sea arrow grass, sea plantain, rock samphire. Lobster sauce (bound together with lobster oil and butter, sharpened with seaweed vinegar)

Crab apple ice

Fresh cheese and wild honey

"Stack rocks"

A homage to the birds of the Pembrokeshire coast. - Gorse flower custard, birch meringue coloured with hay ash.

Chocolate cockle shells filled with sea buckthorn gel.

This is of course not the whole experience. We pick the ingredients I use in the morning and early afternoon. What we collect is then paired with the very best of local ingredients, all from sustainable small local businesses and with minimal food miles.

The dinner in the evening encapsulates the environment I live and work in to, but taken way beyond a few wild herbs to a full on multicolour dining experience. I am not aware of anyone one in Wales or maybe in the UK that is offering this kind of food experience.

The hours I spend throughout the year and the products I make to utilise in the dishes I create can take months and even years to finish. At the moment at £135 per head its an absolute steal.

The day out is more than a bargain for the price it is set at. My prices for 2021 will be going up, so this year there is a really good opportunity to join me before the cost does go up to reflect the hours I put in.

In the next few weeks, I have these following dates left available.

Please also note I can accommodate you just for the dinner above without the foraging day for a slightly discounted price of £85 per person.


22nd - Two places free.

25th - Two places free.

27th - Two places free.

31st - Two places free.


1st and 2nd - Four places free.

3rd - Two places free.

9th - Two places free.

15th - Two places free.

18th - Four places free.

19th - Two places free.

21st - Two places free.

22nd - Two places free.

23rd - Four places free.

24th - Four places free.

25th - Two places free.

28th - Four places free.

30th - Two places free.


Please get in touch for dates and details.

What to expect on the day out.

There are three elements to the foraging, seashore for seaweeds, estuary for edible plants, and at this time of year, we also head into the woodlands in search of fungi.

At this time of year its so rich with edible finds it just exciting to be out and about, expectations are high but as it is with nature nothing is ever guaranteed.

Below are just some of the dishes I serve on the foraging and food day. The food is unique, and everyone who has joined me has raved over what I am creating here.

Bass fishing

In all fairness I haven't had the time to do much bass lure angling this year. There's been a lot of small fish being landed, but I did lose a really good bass back in May. A regular client who joined me last week lost a really big fish.

That's just fishing I guess but it can be extremely frustrating at times.

Anyway I do hope some of you will get in touch to book in

It would be nice to hear from past guests and I really hope you and you're family and loved ones have kept safe.

Stay safe.

Thanks for reading.

To book a place please get in touch below.

Email -

Telephone - 07308313107

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