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Looking back - Past blog posts

Looking back - Past blog posts

I closed my old website down a little while ago now, and I had saved all my previous blog posts with the idea of adding them to my latest website for more content and a nostalgic look at times past.

I will be adding these blog posts thorughout the next few weeks.

Its nice for me to look back on how far I have actually come since I started Fishng and foraging Wales almost seven years ago now.

The Story So Far – July 2013

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Welsh Bass Guide

The story so far on the Welsh coast this season has been a good one, the sea temperature is nearly hitting 18 Celsius and I am landing fish on a daily basis and so are my clients.

We have landed some truly awesome fish from 3lb up to 8lb.

Sport like this in this day and age with commercial pressure and people off the shore not taking a sensible amount of fish is not to be sniffed at.

Long hours and complete dedication are what is needed and still the fish will not always come easy.

“Time on the Water and technique are everything”

The end of June ended on a high and conditions were perfect.

The weather has been pretty good and it it is warming the water to where it should be, but some bigger swell, surf and some nice onshore blows would be great now to give the bigger bass a bit of confidence to start feeding voraciously again.

August, September and October look set to be electric if the conditions are perfect. I am relishing the fact that this season could get even better.

Although the calm weather has given me time to keep chasing some decent sized wrasse during the day in such bright conditions.

All the fish I have landed since June have been landed on the Tulala Glissando 72 and I have not blanked yet on this rod.

I love the Tulala rod, it is feather weight but still holds some power and bigger bass up to 7 and 1/2lb and wrasse from 2lb up to 4lb have been landed on this fine piece of equipment.

This rod brings great pleasure when fighting bass and wrasse around difficult ground.

The rod is absolutely perfect for soft plastic work and my work with the chaps from Tulala continues.

I will leave this post for now and wish everyone good fishing.

Thanks for reading.

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