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Back to the land - Back to the sea - Back to the woodland

New for 2019 – New foraging and food days out.

After listening to valuable feedback from guests over 2018, and after some careful planning over the winter, I’m pleased to announce that Fishing and foraging Wales is introducing exciting new single shorter element-based foraging and food experiences this year.

I’ve decided to extend the packages available to give people a bit more choice over how they’d like to experience foraging and at the same time, to hopefully make some of the experiences more accessible to a wider range of people.

These new, more focussed and shorter duration packages are aimed at people wanting an introduction to the delights of foraging, but, as always, my desire is to help people to reconnect with the world around us and to germinate a lifelong passion for foraging in the future.

The shorter duration of these new packages makes them ideal for families, a great opportunity to introduce young people to our rich food heritage and to a way of life that is fast disappearing from the modern world.

The three new short duration packages are “Back to the land” “Back to the sea” And “Back to the woodland”. You can find all three available from my online store if you’d like to book Here’s a short description of each package to whet your appetites

Option 1 - “Back to the land” - A day of foraging on the land – Hedgerows and plants – April to June. A three or four-course dinner, with the fields and hedgerows being the inspiration.

Option 2 – “Back to the sea” - A day of foraging on the shoreline – Seaweeds and maritime plants – April to November. A three or four-course dinner, with the foreshore and estuary being the inspiration.

Option 3 “Back to the woodland” - A day of woodland foraging for Fungi – June to November.

A three or four-course dinner, with the woodland being the inspiration.

All 3 packages share the same ethos as my existing longer foraging and food experiences, namely an emphasis on a “sense of place” for our food origins, the wonders of the beautiful Pembrokeshire outdoors and the transformation of humble ingredients into a gastronomic delight for the participants.

The 3 new packages allow more focus on a specific type of foraging environment, allowing a bit more time for in-depth explanation and knowledge transfer that is available over the existing packages.

More details of these and all my other packages are available via my online store. Booking is available directly from there, or if you’d like more of chat about what’s available, or would like me to tailor something specific to your requirements, please do get in touch. Most of my packages can be adapted for different needs, for example, I can provide bespoke packages aimed any of the following.

  • Local accommodation providers wishing to offer packages to your clients - we can bring the experience to you.

  • Schools and Further education establishments

  • Larger Groups of adults.

  • Corporate Rewards and Teambuilding

Thanks for taking the time to read this information.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Any feedback is of course very welcome.

Email -

Telephone - 07515380169

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