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Bass Fishing May into June 2018

Well it was a slow start for me at the beginning of the season, but things are really coming good now on the bass fishing front.

Early May saw warmer days but very cold nights which has affected everything across the board. The bass metabolism really starts to kick in at around 12oc and the water was slow to come to this much needed temperature.

Cold nights and days have also stalled the plant growth, and in turn of course the foraging season. The elderflower has been a bit late here, which I normally use as a litmus for the better numbers of bass to come along. The swallows were also very late this year and nesting birds are also very late too. Things are warming up nicely now though with the high early summer temperatures hitting the highs.

Myself and my clients have been hooking into a good stamp of fish and this is very pleasing for me. It also keeps people wanting to return and my hard work over the years is now paying me back. This coastline is never easy and surf, swell, time of tide and wind play a huge part in the where and when to try and be in the right place at the right time.

Long hours are essential in keeping up with catch rates and success, there are no short cuts. This is not a lazy mans sport. Up before first light, and away with the birds, sleeping during daylight hours and out for sundown or in the dead of night.

We can walk many miles over a few days of bass lure fishing here on this absolutely magnificent coastline.

Bass in the 60cm to 70cm range are plentiful at the moment. long may this be the case.

Soft plastic lures have been doing the damage. I love fishing soft plastic lures completley weightless, and I have always been a big believer in "less is more". Shallow divers and surface lures have been taking smaller fish for me.

The main sandeel hatches will soon be taking place here and this is a wonderful time to come and join me.

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If you do there is a discount offer running to the end of June on my guided fishing days out. I already have bookings into Novmber so do not miss out on a wonderful oppurtunity and experience.

Thanks to everyone who has joined me so far this year.

Stay posted - Matt :)

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