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Early Spring into late Spring 2018

Well it has been an exceptionally busy start to the year for me.

I have had numerous successful restaurnt pop ups in various locations and also the foraging and food days have been busy too.

The early spring has been a pretty cold one and as every year I always look forward to the arrival of the best edible fungi available to us the Morel (Morchella esculenta - - Morchella deliciosa)

I was a little worried this year that I wouldn't find any morels because of the cold weather, but there have actually been a few about. I had repeat clients from L.A this year, and it was great to get them onto some wonderful springtime fungi hunting.

Last year the morels were very hard to come by but this year when I have had time to look I have found quite a few.

If you do want to join me next year to get out to find these most incredible fungi then feel free to book in when you can.

The foraging and food bookings have as always been a huge success and its a real pleasure to get out at this time of year, when the sun is out then foraging is a real delight. Walking down quiet country lanes and through the fields. The sound of the light breeze, the birds in full song. It doesn't get much better than this, connecting back to how it should be and how it was.

Its hard to imagine a better dining experience than learning, gathering and then eating these wonderful creations.

Springtime on a plate - Slow cooked duck egg yolk, morels and hedgerow plants.

Above - Springtime on a plate - Slow cooked duck egg yolk, morels and hedgerow edibles. The colour and vibrancy of spring being the inspiration for this dish.

Lobster and the shoreline - Pembrokeshire lobster with all the goodness it lives close too.

Above - Lobster and the shoreline - Pembrokeshire lobster with all the goodness that it lives close to. This dish is one that I am very proud of and I think it is a dish that is probably perfect.

"Stack rocks" A dish created in respect to the nesting birds of the Pembrokeshire coast

Above - "Stack rocks", Gorse flower custard and ash meringue.

Theres around six to eight courses in all and when your cooking and serving the food its often difficult for me to get lots of photos.

As you can imagine when I turn out these kinds of dishes people are blown away and I feel I am hitting the peaks now as I settle more and more into my surroundings. Still as I have said for a long time there is still so much more I want to produce and to learn about to take the dining experience to yet another level.

As far as bass fishing is concerned I have had no time whatsoever to get out, its even been hard for me to get rolling with my regular blog posts trying to keep up with paperwork is another story.

Theres been no chance to get out bass fishing a lot yet, that isn't a bad thing though as it is only now that the water temperature here is hitting the needed 12oc.

I will be out over the next few days though and as soon as I get the chance to hook my first bass then it will be posted up on here :)

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Thanks for reading

Matt :)

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