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Foraging and Feasting - A wonderful video by the Recipe hunters.

At the end of last week just before Easter a new video got released about my foraging and food days out here in Wales.

The video was made by the lovely people at The Recipe Hunters

Leila and Anthony joined me last year whilst on their travels around Wales, they were extremely down to earth and just really lovely people.

So here is the video, please do have a watch and if you are on the social media channels then please like and share it etc. We all worked hard to get this amazing work across.

I was to say the least overwhelmed by what the recipe hunters achieved whilst they were in Wales and what they achieved with me. I really love the video and it gets across my ethics and my beliefs over extremely well?

I hope you enjoy the video and you have all had a lovely Easter as well.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are looking to join me again this year. Or of course if you are wanting to join me for the first time for either bass lure angling or the wonderful foraging and food experience please don't hesitate.

Oh and also if you can, please do subscribe to The Recipe hunters You Tube channel.

Thank you so much to Leila and Anthony, I wall always be grateful for this.

More posts, adventures and news coming soon :)

Email -

Telephone - 07515380169

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