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So it's doing the rounds again.

Just coming up to two years ago now I did some filming with the lovely people at Munchies. Recently the video has been all over Facebook again with one of those short clips that I think are pretty cool. It's had about one thousand shares which is something I could probably never achieve on my own. I can't thank people enough for sharing the video and for some very kind words too.

Here's the video below - I am about ten and a half minutes in. Although please do watch the other people in the video as they are great as well.

Please keep in mind I was very nervous with the cameras too. I think I am the kind of person who would prefer my work to do the talking.

I have been quite slow to get any blog posts up of late as I have been busy with ongoing business stuff, you know the boring paperwork and that.

I should also tell you that I recently got an experience day package with Virgin experience days. Being added to the portfolio within the Virgin experience days has been a really been a big boost to the morale here and little golden nuggets like this are so crucial to a small and growing business.

A very short intermittent post for now...bear with me.

Theres more news coming soon again, so enjoy the show above and please stay posted.

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