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Christmas and 2018 is Approaching.

With Christmas fast approaching I have had some new gift vouchers made up for the very lucky people who are coming to join me next year.

Bass fishing Wales, fishing and foraging wales with Welsh bass guide

Sundown over Skomer.

Bay boletus - Imleria Badia

Theres a multi-course dinner with the foraging day out as well and the reviews have been unbelievable. Lots of hard work goes into each dish and its really starting to tell. With every guest I have seen coming to join me the feedback has been unreal.

Please do not hesitate to get it touch as there are already just under twenty people booked up for July for both experiences


Coming very soon

If rooting around the Welsh countryside looking for wild edible isn't for you then I have some good news.

I will also be running pop up wild food evenings at various places around Wales in 2018.

More details of these events will be published here when the dates are set in stone.

You can get more of an idea and more information here about the events that will be coming up in 2018.

St Davids day 2018

I will be running a St Davids day foraging and food event around the very beginning of March (1st to the 5th). We do not celebrate St David and promote St Davids day enough here in Wales.

I may even do this as a three day or a five day event.

Again places will be limited and the food will be based on what is about that time of year.

I will be looking at the traditions of food at the time of St David, and will try and look at what the clergy of the day would of eaten during fasting times etc, I will of course take these ideas to another level.

Note* It wont just be leeks and water (now theres an idea! :)

Cwm Yr Eglwys - bass fishing wales, welsh bass guide, fishing and foraging wales

A short post for now but I just wanted to make people are aware of whats coming up.

Please do stay posted.

Email -

Telephone - 07515380169

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