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Gudied Bass Fishing Prices and information




Bass Fishing - 2020


Note before


I do not guarantee catches of bass or any other wild fish that we target. The open coast here in Wales is wild and unpredictable. I have great knowledge and skills but there are many variables in what is probably the wildest sport-fishing on offer in U.K waters.


I practice catch and release for all the bass myself and guests joining catch.



Prices below are per person.


Full day


A full days guiding will cost £150. A full day consists of working around two tides. This is around an eight to ten-hour fishing day. This could be an early morning start and then a break for a session on an evening tide getting ready for sundown. If you would like, then one of the sessions can be used to target bass at night.




A half-day of guiding will cost £100 and will be a one tide session, a half-day normally lasts four to five hours. This could be early morning or late afternoon session into the sundown. If you would like, then the session can be used to target bass at night.


Multi days out


I can guide for more than one day, my two-day packages, three days and up to five-day outings are becoming more popular.


Two full days will cost - £270 

Three full days will cost - £400

Four days will cost - £550

Five days will cost - £650


I am fully insured to guide up to four people at a time.


Prices include transportation to and from fishing marks.


Please get in touch for more information on multi-person days out.


The prices above are slightly different for people coming together in larger parties, i.e there will be varied discounts for more than one or two people.


What you will need


A packed lunch, A flask of tea or coffee. Bottled water. Although I normally carry a hot flask of tea and I always have water available.


A pair of suitable waders with wading studs.


Bass lure angling equipment is essential.


I can offer the use of my lure angling equipment i.e rods and lures but any breakages and losses will have to be paid for.


I can point you in the right direction of where to buy any lure angling gear from if needed.


On deposit, I will send out a file with all the equipment that I use for your information for your day out. 


Final payment must be paid at the latest 24 hours before your days out. 


Deposit is refundable if the weather stops us from getting out on the coast and we cannot rearrange other suitable dates. 




Safety is very important in this fishing medium. Life-vests are available if needed, I also carry a throw line in case of any slips into the water.


I am fully trained for coastal and outdoor first aid.


I haven't had a guest hurt themselves before but we must be ready for the off chance in any eventuality. 







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