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What experience will you choose?

Saltwater lure angling, foraging, accommodation and food created in tune with the precious landscape of Wales in mind.

The Venue - The stunning part of the Welsh coast path in Pembrokeshire.

Experience - Knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone.

Knowledge - You will encounter great knowledge from any of the experiences on offer.

If you just want to experience one of the activities then this is fine, but if you like you can also experience all of what is available.

Your experience can be tailor made to suit you and what you want to take away with you.

What will you choose?

Lure angling for bass and other species.

I take two people at a time Lure angling for bass.

If you’re a beginner in the medium of modern saltwater lure angling then we can start from the roots and then up.

From lure rods to reels, lure choice, braids and lines then I am here to help.

I can also provide tackle for you to use if you have none of your own for you to try out before you go ahead and buy.

If you’re an experienced fisherman and you want to really push yourself to the limit and chase bass for 12 hours or more a day and then have a day of relaxed foraging and good eating then I can provide.

I can cook a simple breakfast near to the venue we fish and provide packed lunches as well.

Foraging and food

From the coastlines of Pembrokeshire and Gower I offer Foraging and food days that are available for up to six people.

If you want together we can cover it all.

We can search for shellfish and seaweed or fungi and edible plants.

The treasures that we find and pair with local ingredients are then prepared or cooked to a very high standard over open flames during the spring, summer and autumn.

There will be new tastes that you have never experienced.

Choose your experience.

Fish • Find • Feast

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