Bass fishing, foraging and food – May into June 2017

Bass fishing, foraging and food – May into June 2017

Another late May bass 2017-1

I would like to have had the chance to get a blog post up sooner than now but its been the busiest May I have had since I started my venture four years ago now.

A bass landed in late May 2017-1

The foraging and food side of the business has been extremly busy and every weekend has been virtually fully booked. I have welcomed guests from the United states, Italy and Germany and in all honesty I have had little time to get out fishing.

When I have had the chance though there have been plenty of good sized fish about.

This year I have been using hooks sizes of 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 in the soft plastics I have been using. I am trying to weed out the smaller fish and I have landed some better fish and I think it is due to this method.

The new Tulala Glissando 240 Bass rod is now in production and is available for me to order from the team in Japan. For anyone interested in getting their hands on one of these fine rods please do get in touch. You can also trial it out on my fishing days out. The rod is in the 5g to 25g range, its light but has so much power and is also suited for putting lures over some tasty white water. I will get some nice photos of the rod as the finish of it is just stunning. Its taken three years of work to get this rod perfect for our style of fishing for U.K bass.

This weekend coming and the rest of June I will be very busy with fishing clients and I am expecting very good things in the field of chasing our friend the bass. Although I am keeping an eye out on the swell and surf which seems to be coming in pretty rough this weekend.

I hope at some point I will be able to do some more fishing for myself too, I love the food side f the business it’s a huge passion for me but the fishing is a nice break for me to have. I love being right there next to the sea and the anticipation of the bass hitting a lure is always there. Your always on the edge.

I really thought and was deeply hoping I would have had a few free days (yesterday and today) to get out but at the moment the swell and surf is coming in high so I wont get a chance. This does give me the chance to get on with other important things going on behind the scenes within the business though.

Foraging and food

As you all probably know I run the business single handedly and I deal with everything from enquiry emails to guests and the upkeep of the website and this blog.

The jobs I have to complete for the food side of the foraging days are also the preservation of plants and meats for the later season.

Most of these foraging tasks are extremly labourious and you have a very small window to get the job done, the plants I need to collect are not around for long. So if the tasks don’t get completed and you miss your chance then your in real trouble.

Serving food at the level I want to is all about consitency and being disciplined and of course timing is everything in both fields of what I do.

Wild garlic seeds

Jobs like picking basketfuls of wild garlic seeds for preserving are very time consuming, each seed then has to be picked off the old flower heads.

Wild garlic preserved in different stages.

Wild garlic preserved at different stages of its life cycle – Shoots from December and January, Flowers from April and May and the seeds from Late May into early June.

Cured and air dried lamb 2017

My cured and air dried lamb leg – This cured meat is something I am very proud of producing. It has a lovely strong lamb flavour and is so addictive to eat. It will alwys be part of the foraging dinners. Its a real example of what can be achieved with the best of Welsh produce. With a little work and time something perfect is produced.

Manorbier asparagus, sea buckthorn and shoreline shoots.

Manorbier asparagus, sea buckthorn and shoreline shoots.

Lobster and the shoreline 2017

Lobster and the shoreline. Perfect Pembrokeshire lobsters need nothing but what lives close to the environment in which they live in to bring them to another level. I always focus on bold flavours and for the main products to speak for themselves. I am so confident in Pembrokeshire produce that very little has to be done to them to make them truly shine.

Elderflower fritter, perl las and pickled elderflower.

Elderflower and perl las with pickled elderflower.

“Elegug stacks” – The cliffside at springtime. Gorse flower custard with birch and ash meringue. A dish with the nesting birds of south stack rocks and the Pembrokeshire coast in mind.

The feedback on the food has been amazing, theres never been a complaint and there should never be as I am so meticulous in everything I do.

I need to keep this blog post short as there is plenty of work to be done and preparationns need to be made. I wish you all the best for now.

Stay posted. :)

Note* – If you would like to join me on any of these wonderful days out on this wonderful coastline, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Skomer from the mainland-1

Telephone – 07515380169


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