June 2017

Bass fishing – June 2017

Well the weather here at the beginning of June was atrocious the swell and the surf was horrendous and I had to move bookings around due to the low pressure we were experiencing here on the Welsh coast.

Colin with bass a 2017

Colin Humphreys a regular guest and a passionate bass angler with a bass of five and a half pounds. This size of fish has been a regular occurrence throughout June for clients and myself when I have found time to fish.

Colin Humphreys above has been coming since I started the bass guiding.

Colins a good fisherman and it was a real pleasure to see him land this quality stamp of fish on his two days with me. Again there were more hook ups and lost fish, but we had lots of fun while we clambered over the rocks and weed in search of our lovely silver friend.

Dave Young casting-1

Dave above joined me along with his brother Michael and Pete. We had a lovely time and Pete lost good fish of about three pounds.

We had a lovely time and Pete lost good fish of about three pounds. The biggest fish of their trip was lost, just at our feet! There were some good hook-ups with better fish but they were just nibbling our soft baits and not commiting fully to the take. There were lots of fish around but they were not that big maybe two pounds and under, we had fun just catching and getting the fish straight back into the sea. So not many good photos for the three days that these wonderful gentleman joined me.

Chris Cant and his Personal best bass :)

Chris Cant another regular guest with his personal best bass. The photo doesnt do this fish any justice as this went to the 5lb mark. I hope I can get Chris another PB when he is coming with me for five days in November.

June bass 2017

Another fine bass getting ready to swim off.

Dave Young loving it 2017-1

Casting into “Chaos”, this type of fishing really gets the adrenaline going!

Indias fish 2017

The lovely India with her first ever fish and its a lure caught bass and again a good one of five pounds.

I got a proper soaking landing this wonderful fish for India. We were all ecstatic when India landed this bass.

India had never fished before and rockhopping can be very hard going. India really impressed me though, she never wavered or whinged even though the terrain was hard going.

Me going to put a bass back June 2017-1

Me taking a guests bass down to the water to be released.

There will be lots more fun to come on the bass fishing front in the next few months. Its very exciting and the best start to the main season I have had in terms of fish since I started.

Are the banning of the gill nets already having an effect?

Foraging and food – June 2017

The foraging and food side of things are equally as good.

The arrival of the first chanterelles and porcini has already happened!

People have been blown away by the food, its always a wonderful experience for my guests.

Its a real pleaser for me though because I cook in front of the guests and they can watch me work away right in front of them, then they get these amazing plates of the foraged goods we have picked and the best of Pembrokeshire ingredients is paired with them.

A first porcini 2017 end of June

David, Grace, Eileen and Chris. Wonderful people who joined me last week, we had a really lovely time and its always fantastic to have such enthusiastic guests along.

Pickles and cured and air dried lamb-1

Pickles and cured and air dried lamb – Served with flatbreads that are proven for twenty four hours and local butter.

Egg and the woodland 2017

Egg and the woodland – Slow cooked duck egg yolk, Chanterelle and porcini, oxalis and last years mushroom sauce. (Sorry this photo is a bit out of focus)

Earth and sea 2017

Earth and sea 2017 РPembrokeshire new potato slow cooked and cooked over embers, sea radish, sea buckthorn, spear leaved orache and marsh samphire. 

The dish above is a new addition to the food courses on the evenings dinner on the mid summer foraging day. I love to turn these humble ingredients into something special. Its a wonderful thing to again be able to experiment with the wondrful produce we have on offer here in Pembrokeshire.

Lobster and the shoreline 2017-1

Lobster and the shoreline.

-Stack rocks--1

Stack rocks.

Brown crab

Wonderful Pembrokeshire brown crab. I love cooking these whole on the BBQ at this time of year. I also sometimes use the crab meat in the seaweed broth that I make.

The comments and the feedback have been amazing and the secret is now getting out about the “culinary wizard living in the woods of Wales” (a comment from the you tube video that was recorded last year)

Coming onto the subject of filming the second week of June saw me filming again with a more mainstream T.V channel.

When I know more details about the release I will let you know as well.

I didn’t do any thing over the top for this filming shoot as I needed to keep things simple as the setting was based on a BBQ.

Foraged goods for filmong

Some amazing early June produce that I gatehred for a filming shoot.

 Things are getting increasingly busy for me now at www.fishingandforagingwales.co.uk.

Its been a long and hard journey for me to get this far.

Some people don’t realise I spent four years living in a bell tent with no running water or mains power supply.

I have now got a more stable set up and I am very happy with the way things are coming along. I count myself as very lucky to of been able to chase a dream and to of travelled on this journey, I hold each experience I have encountered very close to my heart.

Each person that joins me and returns are now more like friends and without the help of their support I wouldnt be where I am today.

I can’t thank you all enough for your continued support.

Cwm Yr Eglwys

Cwm Yr eglwys.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch as there is still room available in August. Then we are into September, October and November.

There’s places left for both experiences but don’t leave it too late as even this morning I have filled three places with foragers and diners for August.


Telephone – 07515380169

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