A look ahead to the 2017 season.

Looking forward to the 2017 season

Well Its not far off now….

Every year holds the same anticipation, but this year more than ever I can hardly contain myself. Its that time to change the old rusty hooks on my lures and head out chasing the bass again here on the Welsh coast.

More experiences will soon arrive the first take from the first bass of the season.

The sound of the sea, the sound of the surf.

The sight of white water as it pushes in on the moving tide.

You get those feelings that make you feel magical inside, the butterflies…or is this the passion and the love I feel for our sport and this species?

And all the time the coast is inspiring, a revelation and at some points it feels overpoweringly exhilarating.

I cant wait to have the first sensation of a big bass hitting my lure and racing off in the current, or even the sight of a big girl coming up and checking out my lure and turning away right at the last second, am I sick..? No even seeing those big fish is a true spectacle, catching is one thing but just being there in the thick of it and the experience is just magical.

Bass catch and release Wales

Another wonderful bass swims off back to where it came from.

The above and below release shots of this good sized bass I caught late season last year were kindly taken for me by my good friend David Miller

I am looking forward to spending some quality time with David as its been a long winter and I have been busy working and writing as much down as I can when I get the time.

Bass turning 2

One flip of the tail and the bass swims off strongly.

Wave hitting rocks

Each passing wave will offer a chance of a good fish and this year I will be playing around with some new techniques with soft plastics, whats that then you say?

Please do stay posted to find out more, I want to put more up on the blog about fishing techniques and methods and I have just bought a new laptop which is pretty snazzy and this will hopefully allow me for quicker uploading of photos and words. I am also hoping to do a lot more on my video channel which is pretty basic at the moment but can be found on you tube.

Wild horses 1

Armed with the new Tulala Glissando 240 I will be working hard to catch as many fish that is possible.

Catching big bass on soft plastics Slug-gos by day and night is an absolute wonder.

Catching big bass on soft plastics Slug-gos by day and night is an absolute wonder.

I love fishing soft plastic lures right through the season. I love the Lunker city sluggo in 4.5in, 6in and the 7.5 inch eel imitiation. These lures are also deadly for bass at night fished in the “soft needle technique”.

There’s absolutely no easier way to fish than when using these wonderful soft plastics. Takes from bass can be very subtle so sometimes you don’t know how big the fish is until you set the hook, then it a case of hold on to your hats as the bass takes an initial dive to try and get back to its place of ambush.

The violent head shakes of the bass are a true show of its power. It always amazes me that for their size how hard these fish fight. In surf and current and when the “chaos” is in full flow then there is no better feeling than the sound of line being pulled of of the reel.

Takes with soft plastics are often immediate as well, bass will very often take as soon as a lure hits the water. If you can get a lure in the right place then you are onto a real winner.

There will often be shows from my most beloved and favourite sea bird the gannet, these wonderful birds often come close for a look at the lure I just threw out or they will often swoop down closer over head. An added treat in this already wonderful place.


A wonderful photo of a gannet by my friend David Miller.

The foraging year also holds so much promise as well I will soon be rooting around the countryside looking for mushrooms and hopefully this spring the morels will make an appearance.

Springtime morels 2014

Morels – The real king of the edible fungi world. Will the conditions be perfect enough this year for the morels to fruit?

Lobster and the shoreline 2016

The lobster and the shoreline – My well established signature dish, and just one of the dishes for the foraging dinner.

Cutting chanterelles 2016, foraging with fishing and foraging wales

Chanterelle hunting – In late summer and autumn chanterelle hunting is a real treat.

This winter I have been inspired to write down as many new dish ideas as I can, I will be quietly testing these new creations out when I get a chance. Most are inspired by the environment in which I work, I am always striving for perfection in my dishes. I work alone so dishes have to look good but they also have to be structured so that I can plate them to look consistently good.

Porcini In Wales - Foraging & Food - Foraging Wales, Bass Lure Angling Wales, Bass fishing Pembrokeshire. Foraging and fine food Wales.

The smell of porcini on the autumn woodland breeze.

Part of my office

The sound of the babbling brook its all heading our way very soon.

Stay posted.

Note * – If you want to join me this year please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Set dates for foraging have been set and places as far as August and September are already filling up.

Fishing dates for 2017

The bass fishing will commence in early May this year then they will run into late November.


Sunday May 7th – Full. May the 8th up to the 13th (Monday to Friday) – Available. May the 13th and 14th – Full.

May – Monday the 15th and Tuesday the 16th – Available

Monday 22nd May – One place available. May the 23rd to the 30th – Available.


Tuesday 6th of June – One place available. Wednesday 7th June – Available. Thursday 8th of June – One place available.

Friday 9th and 10th June – Full.

Sunday the 11th up to Thursday the 15th – Available.

Monday June 20th – Available. Tuesday the 21st – Full. Thursday the 22nd – One space available.

Friday the 23rd – One space available. Saturday the 24th – One space available. Sunday the 25th – Available. Tuesday the 26th – One space available.

Friday 30th June – Full.


July 7th and 8th – One place available. July 10th to the 14th – Full (11th to the 13th – One space available & fly fishing only)

 July 20th – 28th – Available. July 29th and 30th – One space Available.


Tuesday 8th – One place left. Wednesday and Thursday the 9th and 10th – Available.

Friday and Saturday 11th and 12th – Full. Sunday the 13th and Monday the 14th – Available.

September and beyond

Four days have already gone – I will post dates for the rest of September through to November at a later date.

 Foraging dates for 2017

Foraging starts in April and will run into late November.

April – Friday April – 21st – Four places left. Saturday April 22nd – Available. Sunday the 23rd of April – Available.

Saturday 29th April – Full


May – Saturday the 6th of May – Available. Sunday the 7th – Full.

May 18th, 19th and 20th – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Available.


June – 3rd, 4th – Available.  June the 17th and 18th – Available. Thursday June 29th – Four spaces available.


Saturday July- 1st – four places available. Sunday the 2nd of July – Available. Monday the 3rd to Tuesday the 5th – Available.

Saturday and Sunday July 15th and 16th – Pending.

July 17th – 20th – Free.


1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th and 6th – Free – . The 5th is full – Pending.

18th – 20th – Available – Four places available on the 19th.

September and beyond

I will post September through November dates at a later date.

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